Client Consultation

Upon the introduction to any new client or project, we understand how essential early consultation is in order to deliver our customers expectations.

We would quickly:

  • Establish routes of communications
  • Develop Relationships
  • Commence the process of building partnerships

Getting it right first time has to be all our desired goals, which is why our sales, technical and installation management team will be involved from consultation through to completion.

When all parties concerned understand the right channels of communication we can quickly establish healthy relationships and develop a strategic partnership that will compliment all projects.

Proposal and Quotaion

On receipt of an enquiry, we will produce a quotation based on information received from the client, and, if required, a site visit to determine detailed requirements and carry out a survey.

Our proposal will always be clear and precise in order to avoid confusion at a later date. It is important that customers are fully aware of exactly what has been specified and clearly been quoted.

Quotations will be correctly proportioned to meet customer s requirements by property and lump-sum, thus being user friendly during price consideration and obviously accounting to easily accommodate contract alterations.

Project Planning

Recognised as probably most important, proper planning is the difference between contracts running smoothly or poorly.

All Projects have three major steps:


Steps 2 and 3 will always rely on the accuracy of Step 1.

Every effort will be made to ensure all parties involved have a full understanding of:

  • The work to be done
  • When the work will be done
  • Where the work will be done
  • The duration of contract
  • The chain of communication

The potential for developing long term working relationships relies on the success of each contract and proper planning will ensure this is regularly achieved.


When it comes to large contracts DMD Installations has the infastructure and experience to service any requirements.

Tower blocks, Offices, housing estates and new build, DMD has a proven track record within this sector.

DMD prides itself on professionalism and is committed to providing the very best service and products it can.

DMD is continually looking for new partners in the commercial sector to strengthen it's reputation and provide an unequalled service to it's customers, old and new.


With our wealth of experience in the Commercial Market, we believe we understand the client's requirements at completion of the project, along with after-sales care.

On completion of the installation, a Property completion form is offered to the client for approval and feedback.

A handover document is presented to the client indicating the property is ready for inspection by the Contract Supervisor and the client's representative.


If required the Company can offer our clients details of the product installed in individual properties, thus easing future maintenance issues.

Our sales and administration centre is available to assist with any queries during normal office hours and our lines of communication will remain open until such time as the defect liability period expires and thereafter for additional discussion.